Windows 7 Coming End of Life and Million Still Haven’t Upgraded

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Windows 7 Coming End of Life and Million Still Haven’t Upgraded

With just under three months until Microsoft stops issuing free patches for Windows 7, millions of PCs are still relying on it, which is leaving them exposed to new bugs that will probably never be patched. Microsoft has been encouraging Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10 since 2015, yet a large number of consumers and smaller businesses still need to make the change. These networks will be an easy target for hackers after January 14, 2020, when Microsoft stops providing free security updates for Windows 7.

There are 47% of small to medium-sized businesses, 38% of consumers, and 38% of small office/home office PCs that are still running on Windows 7. Users are resistant to upgrade for many reasons:  a feature of software compatibility, economic reasons, and the comfort of routinely using the same operating system.  However, an old unpatched operating system is a cybersecurity risk, and the cost of an incident may be substantially higher than the price of upgrading. This is why it is vital for users to migrate to supported versions and ensure that additional security tools.

With the Windows 7 deadline looming, Microsoft is also offering larger companies with extended Windows 7 security updates at an extra charge for an extended period for the transition. But where does this leave small businesses?

This is where we step in. Our team is skilled in helping you make the upgrade from Windows 7 quickly and at a low cost. Call us to see how we can help your business take the next step. It is critical to be realistic about your environment and acknowledge that risks exist. Security, while not perfect, can help you be prepared against the financial and reputational cost associated with a breach. So why put your organization at risk for something as simple as an upgrade?