Windows 7/8 Recap

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Windows 7/8 Recap

Thank you for following along this month as we talk about the Windows 7/8 upgrade. We want to be able provide your company with the best knowledge and technologies to empower your users to be the first line of defense for your company. We hope that you have found these articles helpful and informative. We covered several points about why you need to upgrade. Let’s recap them below:

January 2020, Microsoft will No Longer be Supporting Windows 7/8

After that, you’re on your own — you won’t get updates or security fixes.

If you are using this hardware, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Starting January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7/8. This means no more updates or security fixes for the operating system.

Microsoft Warns Windows 7/8 could be Dangerous to Continue to Use

Do you use Windows 7/8? Microsoft says you are placing yourself in danger….

Microsoft stated that the hardware has long-outdated security architecture and warns any users and businesses who are running this program. That it can be more susceptible to cyber-attacks. They also said that sticking with Windows 7/8 will result in higher operating costs for users due to problems with reliability and compatibility.

Why Your Small Business Should Upgrade from Windows 7/8 Now?

For cybersecurity reasons, it is imperative that your small business uses an operating system that is continually updated with the latest security patches. Cybercriminals are more sophisticated, so it is dangerous to leave your network protected at anywhere less than the highest level. After the end of service date for Windows 7/8, cyber-attacks will increasingly focus on exploiting the networks and PCs still using this outdated operating system.

It makes sense to start planning and implementing your transition well in advance, as opposed to being unnecessarily worried about the transition process. Your network and workstations will take time and effort to change over, so contact Abacus Technologies to assist you in putting together a workable transition plan.