Why You Should Upgrade from Windows 7/8 Now

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Why You Should Upgrade from Windows 7/8 Now

Although Microsoft won’t officially end service on Windows 7/8 until January 14, 2020, your small business should already be considering the steps you will need to take to upgrade.

Windows 7/8: A Classic Operating System

Windows 7/8 remains the most popular operating system in the world with market share still 40%. Users continue to be attached to its features, speed, software compatibility, and its overall dependability. Microsoft has slowly won over converts by recognizing and building on the reasons why users appreciate Windows 7/8. They have worked hard to maintain the features that made Windows 7/8 so popular with the improved power, speed, and functionality to meet the increasingly demanding technology needs of small businesses.

The End of Service Timeline for Windows 7/8

As with past operating systems such as XP and Vista, Microsoft is slowly ending its services for Windows 7/8 in phases. First, Windows 7/8 entered the “end of sales” phase starting November 1, 2013, when retail sales stopped. The operating system was no longer available pre-installed starting on November 1, 2014.

Microsoft ended providing support on January 13, 2015. The completion of this phase meant the end of service packs, warranties,  non-security updates, new features, and free technical support. The hardware then moved into the “extended support” phase.

Windows 7/8 will remain in extended support until January 14, 2020. Up to that day, users will still be able to install required security patches and continue to have access to paid technical support. After the end of the service, security patches and all technical support will cease.

Reasons to Start the Transition Process

For cybersecurity reasons, it is imperative that your small business uses an operating system that is continually updated with the latest security patches. Cybercriminals are more sophisticated, so it is dangerous to leave your network protected at anywhere less than the highest level. After the end of service date, cyber-attacks will increasingly focus on exploiting the networks and PCs still using this outdated operating system.

Windows 7/8 age will impact the effectiveness of your business operations. As program software continues to update, the hardware will eventually become incompatible with newer software.

Finally, it makes sense to start planning and implementing your transition well in advance, as opposed to being unnecessarily worried about the transition process. Your network and workstations will take time and effort to change over, so contact Abacus Technologies to assist you in putting together a workable transition plan. A well-planned transition process will ensure that your company can continue to use the new software comfortably.