Why Should My Business Outsource IT?

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Why Should My Business Outsource IT?

Being competitive in today’s market is directly influenced by how time and cost-efficient businesses can be. With technology evolving more every day, there are always opportunities to change processes and utilize technology to assist or fully automate time-consuming tasks to become for efficient. One way to do that is to outsource IT. There are more than a few good reasons to consider improving your business practices by partnering with an MSP. We’ve listed a few below.

1.  Better time efficiency grows focus potential

Every minute saved by properly functioning and innovative technology is a minute you can spend chasing opportunities or improving practices. With better technology, you can adapt your practices for growth instead of spending time working to meet deadlines.

2.  Reduce crippling downtime

When a server goes down, and your employees can’t work, every second is a loss. With the help of a Managed Services Provider, you can find your way to reducing these instances or eliminating them through virtualization-capable recovery machines and failover internet connections.

3.  Expense reduction and “gap insurance”

The value in consulting with an MSP should (and most often will) go beyond cost reduction, but this is an essential factor when you consider to outsource IT. In most cases, small businesses will spend drastically less working with an MSP than paying for a full-time employee, who might have less knowledge and resources available to them than a team of techs with an MSP. When you factor in turnover, sick days, training, vacation, and healthcare, you can start to see where partnering with an MSP can help reduce expenses and keep your company’s technology running even when your IT professional is away.

4.  Increases in productivity

Technology impacts productivity in a major way with regards to collaboration and knowledge sharing, communication, and especially innovation. If you can provide your employees with the right tools, they will find ways to improve the business model. In most cases, there are very simple steps that can be taken to improve productivity, such as upgrading your internet connection to a proper speed or centralizing your file structure.

5.  Lower turnover rate

Your employees groan in malice every time their web browser stops responding or they can’t access what they need to work. And sometimes not having the technology they need to do their job well can cause them to look for employment elsewhere. With routine cleanups and maintenance, you can keep your workstations running smoothly anywhere from 3 to 5 years before upgrading. Investing in technology can reduce your cost in employee acquisition and other employment areas. Having cutting edge technology can also attract competitive recruits for your organization!

These are just a few of the many reasons to outsource IT. Abacus Technologies can help put your company on the right path to success with our Managed IT solutions. To find out more about how we can help your company, visit here.