What is Co-Managed IT and the Benefits to Your Business?

Co Managed IT Solutions

What is Co-Managed IT and the Benefits to Your Business?

Traditional technology services not a fit for your business; instead of, you need a technology solution that is customized to fit your business requirements. Our co-managed IT solutions help determine the right technology to help drive your business forward. We work with your in-house IT Manager or department to fill in the gaps.

Our Co-Managed IT services extend our proven processes and toolsets to your IT department. Our goal is not to replace your current IT infrastructure, but to support it. Our team works at your side to support your essential IT and business initiatives. Our goal is to help build a technology plan that’s aligned with your business, where you can do what you do best, focus on your business.

There are a couple of scenarios that might mean that your business is ready for a co-managed solution.

  • The in-house IT staff is focused on high-level, strategic IT issues and planning and needs support for day-to-day tasks such as troubleshooting, helpdesk services, software upgrades, data backup, etc.
  • The in-house IT staff is capable of carrying out day-to-day tasks but requires outside advice regarding the organization’s overall IT strategy.
  • A company has entered a rapid growth phase and needs to scale up its IT services to support internal growth.
  • Companies have a well-developed, in-house IT staff at their headquarters location but need a reliable solution for remote branch locations.

Some of the significant benefits of a co-managed it solution include:

  • Increased productivity. With a co-management approach, IT support is available 24×7, even if your in-house staff is on vacation or taking sick leave. This increased responsiveness can reduce downtime and increase employee productivity.
  • Lower costs. Because most co-management IT services are provided for a fixed monthly fee, they offer businesses greater predictability in terms of their IT expenses and reduced overhead.
  • Increased security. With outsourcing to a co-managed IT service provider comes the benefit of that provider’s access to the latest technology and IT best practices. This reduces the burden on your in-house staff of having to stay abreast of emerging IT security threats and ensures that your company has the best protection possible.

If Co-managed IT sounds like the perfect fit for your business, contact our team to get a free business consulting meeting and personalized solution for your business.