5 Ways Zoom Phones Enables Mobility and Business Continuity

5 Ways Zoom Phones Enables Mobility and Business Continuity

Businesses that rely on a legacy on-premise PBX for their phone system face unique challenges, especially for a work remote situation. Most of the time, these systems do not offer employees the mobility that is desired or business continuity that most companies require to keep business operations running consistently. On-premise phone systems by nature make… Read more »


Hidden Costs of Neglecting Your Phone System

Technology Threatens Your Revenue Stream You can’t let a phone system hold back your technology and your business. The price of your business could be lost in productivity, revenue, operating budget, and even customers. Luckily, today’s business phone systems are designed to eliminate the financial and operational challenges of older systems. Good Systems Build Positive… Read more »

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Choosing Cloud Vs. On-Premise Call Center Solutions

The worldwide public cloud services market will grow to $131 billion, representing 18.5% from the $111 billion in 2012. The benefits offered by a hosted cloud solution are varied, from substantial cost savings to augmented business productivity to more seamless business development. Cloud is enjoying widespread adoption across the industries. One area that is quickly… Read more »

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Guide to Finding a New Phone System

It can be difficult process choosing a new phone system. We are breaking it down into a 5 step guide. STEP 1: IDENTIFY WHO’S USING YOUR PHONE SYSTEM To know what your business needs, first find out exactly who will be using the system. In most cases, your user base will fall into two camps:… Read more »