Cybersecurity: Are Cell Phones Safe?

Vulnerabilities in the mobile phone infrastructure threaten not only personal privacy and security, but your company’s as well. The cellular communication system is the heart of modern communication, but are we doing enough to protect ourselves against cybersecurity threats. Cyber Security to most people seems like a foreign concept or that it won’t affect you.… Read more »

Man holding up hand

Cyber Attacks | What You Need to Know

Right now as you read this article there are well-organized cybercriminals developing plans to cyber attack small businesses like yours to steal your data, encrypt your systems, and trick you into sending them money. More than half of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses and 1 in 5 have become victims. Small Businesses can… Read more »

Brian Jackson on ABC 33/40

Brian Jackson Weighs in on Cyber Security for ABC 33/40

Abacus Technologies’ Brian Jackson was interviewed for an ABC 33/40 news story on Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity experts are warning of a new type of text message phishing scam. ABC 33/40 has brought you the latest information on email phishing scams, but now security experts say crooks are targeting your sensitive information on your phone, using text messaging.… Read more »