Cloud-Based Business Email Compromise Scams

Cloud-Based Business Email Compromise Scams

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) published an alert warning that criminals are exploiting cloud-based email services to carry out business email compromise (BEC) scams. The attackers are using phishing kits that impersonate email services like Google’s G Suite or Microsoft’s 365 to compromise corporate email accounts. Once they gain access to an account,… Read more »

Working from Home Without the Cloud During COVID-19

Working Remote Without the Cloud During COVID-19

Millions of Americans were forced to work from remote due to COVID-19 in the spring. Thankfully, companies were able to uproot their offices in a matter of hours to their homes because of cloud technology. It makes us wonder, what would have happened if we didn’t have cloud technology during COVID-19? Would there have been… Read more »

3 Keys to Cloud-Based Remote Work Solutions

3 Keys to Cloud-Based Remote Work Solutions

Due to COVID-19, most businesses are having to adapt to a remote setup for their employees. For some businesses, it was a simple switch, while others are struggling due to poor architecture planning.  As more businesses look to remote work solutions, it’s important to understand that a remote set up requires a new set of… Read more »

HIPPA Compliance

Cloud-Based HIPPA Compliance Solutions

HIPPA compliance regulations concerning the handling of a patient’s Electronic Protected Healthcare Information (ePHI) create record-keeping and storage challenges for any healthcare organization. While the data must be secured according to strict standards, it must also remain instantly accessible to authorized medical personnel in administered critical care. With the launch of the cloud, data storage… Read more »

cloud security

Cloud Security

Designed from the ground up for security, our cloud solutions provider offers a high-performance, secure, and integrated set of cloud services. These services have been thoroughly audited and tested to meet the highest security and compliance levels available. As a partner with Green Cloud, we can provide your company with cloud security services. These security… Read more »

cloud on-premise

Choosing Cloud Vs. On-Premise Call Center Solutions

The worldwide public cloud services market will grow to $131 billion, representing 18.5% from the $111 billion in 2012. The benefits offered by a hosted cloud solution are varied, from substantial cost savings to augmented business productivity to more seamless business development. Cloud is enjoying widespread adoption across the industries. One area that is quickly… Read more »