Working from Home Without the Cloud During COVID-19

Working Remote Without the Cloud During COVID-19

Millions of Americans were forced to work from remote due to COVID-19 in the spring. Thankfully, companies were able to uproot their offices in a matter of hours to their homes because of cloud technology. It makes us wonder, what would have happened if we didn’t have cloud technology during COVID-19? Would there have been… Read more »

3 Keys to Cloud-Based Remote Work Solutions

3 Keys to Cloud-Based Remote Work Solutions

Due to COVID-19, most businesses are having to adapt to a remote setup for their employees. For some businesses, it was a simple switch, while others are struggling due to poor architecture planning.  As more businesses look to remote work solutions, it’s important to understand that a remote set up requires a new set of… Read more »

cloud security

Cloud Security

Designed from the ground up for security, our cloud solutions provider offers a high-performance, secure, and integrated set of cloud services. These services have been thoroughly audited and tested to meet the highest security and compliance levels available. As a partner with Green Cloud, we can provide your company with cloud security services. These security… Read more »