Seven Tips to Optimize Security

Seven Tips to Optimize Security

Seven Tips to Optimize Security

As Data breaches continue, phishing attacks are on the rise, and the threat landscape is continuously changing. In the aftermath of a breach, we find that it’s not the lack of tools or information that contributed to the event, but rather the available resources were not deployed appropriately. We are breaking down seven tips to help optimize your security to protect your business better.

  1. Understand Protection

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be an afterthought for your business. You don’t forget to secure your business or follow industry regulations and guidelines for your physical location. So why put your business at risk when it comes to cybersecurity? It is crucial to understand what is vital for business and what data needs to be protected.

  1. Focus on the Root Cause

If an event did occur, it is important to understand the root cause and don’t get lost in several methods available to solve the threat. For example, if phishing is the root cause – it can lead to ransomware, other malware, CEO fraud, third-party fraud, among others. By focusing on the root cause, many potential threats can be prevented.

  1. Manage Alerts

The number of alerts being generated can quickly become overwhelming. It’s important to know what alerts to watch for and to be concerned with. This is where having an expert team to handle managing alerts will help you streamline what is creditable and what is not. Also, having a good system architecture can help in managing and reducing alerts.

  1. Leverage the Community

Having limited resources doesn’t necessarily mean resigning yourself to making do. There are plenty of resources available to help your company optimize its security. One of the significant benefits is working with experts, such as managed service providers, to help guide you in what security measures that your business needs. Also, doing research, reading the articles, and attending conferences and events can help increase your company’s awareness of industry threats.

  1. Educate Employees

User education, such as security awareness training, is vital in optimizing your company’s security. It is essential that all users can understand and identify potential security threats. Changing employee behaviors is key to improving the efficiency of security within an organization. When employees are educated, they are less likely to fall victim to scams or undertake behavior that undermines security.

  1. Reduce the impact

Security teams can put in place controls and measures to reduce the impact of a breach. Make sure that you have protections like a firewall and MFA set up for your business. Upfront planning can help make it easier to recover following a compromise. Laying out an incident response plan for your company before an event can help prevent mistakes being made in the heat of an incident.

  1. Assurance

Once all security systems, technologies, and processes have been put in place, they must be tested to gain the assurance they are working as designed. If you never check your system, how do you know that the changes that you have made are effective? That is why we recommend getting yearly security risk assessments done and regularly testing of employees with security awareness training.

As you can see, there is a lot that businesses can do to optimize their security. If you need assistance with implementing these seven tips for your business, contact our team to provide guidance and recommendations for your business.