Protection Against Phishing Attacks

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Protection Against Phishing Attacks

As compliance and consumer privacy laws get more robust, businesses need to become more aware of how to equip their employees with the knowledge of what a phishing email looks like and what not to do if they receive one.  

Phishing remains a profitable tactic for cybercriminal organizations. The ability to gain access to internal systems, compromise credentials, or convince a user to wire money is well within the cybercriminals reach and are happening daily.

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UNC Health Care in North Carolina receives over 91 million suspicious emails every quarter, with about 8 million still getting past security scanners. Even with 300,000 employees, that is about four emails a day per employee.

Employee’s not mindful of the existence of email-based phishing attacks can be easily fooled with emails promising free gifts, package deliveries, problems with banking transactions, documents to sign, or CEO impersonation. These types of phishing emails highlight how vulnerable an organization’s security is, and how they must rely on users to ensure security.

To get ahead of these attacks, Companies need to test users by sending stimulated phishing emails regularly. This allows organizations to identify users that put the organization at risk. Our new Security Awareness & Training Program includes a phishing stimulation software that we can customize to fit your company’s needs when it comes to testing employees.

This program allows companies to get data that they can use to identify those users who would need additional security awareness training classes. Users are educated on the need to be vigilant, taught what to look for, and how to respond. Users are tested with internal phishing campaigns which allow security teams to assign additional training to reaffirm the need for users to be security conscious. This will save your company thousands each year. The current avg. cost of each phishing attack for a mid-size company is $1.6 million.

Security Training is essential for companies to incorporate into their culture in the years to come.