Magnify Local


Magnify Local is your customized database. It provides everything you need to begin providing real-time reports to precisely fit your firm’s needs.



  • Standard reports to move your entire firm in the same direction at the same time
  • Templates to jumpstart your reporting needs
  • Ability to add/change reports to fit your needs yourself
  • Full data ownership and ability to customize and integrate with any other system



  • Gain access to your required data
  • Standardize database to be consistent across all systems
  • Automatic data refresh (from one hour to one day)
  • Train users
  • Implementation for the entire firm
  • Watch your key metrics increase

Client Testimonial

I initially engaged Abacus Technologies to help us get our PowerBI data model fixed and functioning as we intended. We were starting with a product created by another vendor and needed not only technical assistance, but also guidance on how best to move forward. Abacus Technologies has been a true partner in helping us identify, define, and achieve our reporting goals. They are flexible, reliable, and extremely competent. One of the qualities that I appreciate the most is their willingness to listen, brainstorm, and advise. I would highly recommend Abacus Technologies to other firms.”

– CapinCrouse