Magnify Cloud

Magnify Cloud provides a full suite of solutions with all the applications, automations and reports in one central web app. Find everything you need for your business right at your fingertips.



  • Tailor-made web application
  • Standard reports to move your entire firm in the same direction at the same time
  • Custom applications to improve business flow (Time-entry Bingo, New Client Take-On Form, Project Reviews, Morale Tracking)
  • Automated reports to deliver your information right to your inbox



  • Gain access to your required data
  • Standardize database to be consistent across all systems
  • Automatic data refresh (from one hour to one day)
  • Train users
  • Implementation for the entire firm
  • Watch your key metrics increase

Client Testimonial

“The Abacus Technologies team developed tools that have transformed our accounting firm through exceptional automation capabilities and data-driven insights. We utilize the reporting across the firm and are able to focus our efforts on areas that need attention while celebrating the areas that are working well. The automations have saved thousands of hours for our professional and administrative staff. We highly recommend Abacus Technologies as a technology partner for accounting firms seeking to streamline operations through automation and reporting.”

– Top 100 CPA firm.