Keeping Videoconferencing Personal During a Pandemic


Keeping Videoconferencing Personal During a Pandemic

There is nothing better than in-person meetings when it comes to doing business, where relationships are built, and deals are struck. But as organizations deal with the threat of the Coronavirus, they limit contact among employees, customers, and vendors, even though these steps might hinder productivity and have a detrimental effect on business growth.

The good news is most companies can continue uninterrupted, and technology such as videoconferencing are being utilized to provide face to face meetings. Business applications such as Mitel Teamwork, Slack, Teams, and Zoom are helping businesses keep the lines of communication open and business running. If you are not already utilizing videoconferencing, check out these reasons why technology, like video conferencing, has been the saving grace during this pandemic.

Limiting the Exposure

Videoconferencing allows a business to have those in-person meetings remotely. By enabling companies to get business done from anywhere, helps stop the spread and exposure of COVD-19. Employees can be present, meet face to face with colleagues, and continue to work as part of the team. Features such as screen sharing make it feel like you are sitting next to the person in your meeting.

Reduce the Need for In-Person Meetings

Videoconferencing allows companies to be able to have meetings anywhere at any time. Using video rather than just an audio conference call shows your customers how much you value their business. It keeps the meeting more personal and engaging, encouraging collaboration and communication.

Implement Technology Before You Need It

It is essential to be proactive when running your business, and technology should be utilized to help you do just that. Therefore, when disaster strikes, you have a plan in place to help you keep your business running. By having this approach to your technology, you can utilize videoconferencing, for example, so your employees are comfortable doing it remotely and understand how to use it correctly.

Invest in the Right Business Technology

Not all technology is created equal, especially when you plan on relying on it during a pandemic. A reliable provider can support high demand and adapt quickly to changing demand. It is crucial to select a provider that can serve various business needs and solutions. If you do not pick the right solution for your business, you may find that you spend more time and money to change to something that works better. This applies to selecting the correct videoconferencing software.

Develop A Culture of Innovative Technology

Some people need a little time to get used to new technology. However, having a workforce that is not afraid of change and can adopt new technology will help put your business ahead of the competition. This was true for early adopters of videoconferencing. Their employees and customers were already used to doing business this way and it wasn’t a major change in the way their business operated.

Train Employees on Usage and Etiquette

It is important to ensure that your employees are well trained in utilizing your technology solutions. When it comes to videoconferencing, key principles to keep in mind are to dress appropriately, stay focused on the meeting, and not eat while on a video call.

The uncertainty of the Coronavirus has left businesses in a state of unknown. However, being proactive about your technology and utilizing readily available tools, such as video conferencing, will enable your company to withstand the next major event.  A powerful and robust collaboration tool with business videoconferencing keeps employees, customers, and clients happy and healthy, making it easy to get work done from anywhere. Do you want to learn more about our remote work solutions? Contact us to get your customize technology plan for your business.