How Weak are Your Passwords?

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How Weak are Your Passwords?

Recent reports from Ponemon’s 2019 State of Passwords and Authentication Security Behaviors have shown companies poor password management habits are making a hacker’s job much easier.

According to the report, 51% of users reuse the same password across accounts and 69% of users admit to sharing passwords with their colleagues in the workplace. It was only after a cyberattack occurred these users began using stronger, unique passwords for their accounts.

State of Password Habits

Whether a password policy is in place or not, organizations need educate users on how poor password management increases risk. By empowering your users with the right information about authentication you can help build a culture of security in your organization.

Here are few best practices for Password and Authentication Management:

Consider the following to create a strong password.

  • Use upper- and lower-case letters; Use numbers and special characters
  • Use random numbers and letters rather than words
  • Avoid common letter-number substitutions and dictionary terms
  • Think of phrases rather than words, preferably 12-16 characters

Utilize Multi-Factor Authentication for all web-based applications and remote access. MFA or Two-Factor Authentication requires something you know (password) and something you physically possess (phone) to allow access.

Consider the use of a Password Manager such as Keeper, LastPass or Sticky Password.  Using a password manager encourages the use of stronger passwords and may prevent the reuse and sharing of passwords. Users will also spend less time resetting their passwords they have forgotten.

By utilizing these tips and educating users you can enhance your company’s protection from any attacks. It’s not a matter if, but when you will face an attack.

Need Help?

Our new Security Awareness Training software provides customized training for users on authentication, phishing, and current threat trends. We can also perform a Security Assessment to help identify specifics risks within your organization.