How to Ensure Managed Service Providers Have Your Back

How to Ensure Managed Service Providers Have Your Back

Some managed service providers (MSPs) are superb, thorough, responsive, and knowledgeable, while some are not. It can be difficult to determine where each organization may land. Before you enlist the services of an MSP, start by asking these questions:

managed servive providers

  • Does the MSP offer an end-to-end solution set, one tailored to your requirements?
  • How long has the provider been around?
  • Has the MSP invested in building, testing, and operating its own infrastructure/data center? Does it use what it sells?
  • If the MSP runs its own data center, what kinds of certifications has it obtained (e.g., VMware VSP)? If not, in whose data center is the virtual hardware housed?
  • How well-staffed is the MSP? Do they have everything from applications to virtual hardware, or just the virtual hardware? What level of competence do its engineers have?
  • What type of support do they offer, and how is that defined? Is the provider a 24/7/365 companion? What assurances are there that the MSP has built a 24/7 hosting environment?
  • What does the MSP’s service level agreement consist of? What happens if the agreement isn’t honored?
  • Does the MSP have the professional credibility to keep your operation out of trouble?

It is critical to be realistic about your enviroment and acknowledge that risks exist. Managed service providers support your network and provide protection against the financial and reputational cost associated with a security breach. We are a firm believer in being proactive about the security measures set for your company. There are two types of companies, those who have been hacked and those who will be.

It’s important for small and midsize businesses to do their due diligence when evaluating MSPs.  Still have questions regarding if managed services is a right fit for your business?  Don’t worry, we got answers! You can contact us here.