Homeland Security Warns Against Phishing Threat in 2020 Elections

Phishing Threat in 2020 Elections

Homeland Security Warns Against Phishing Threat in 2020 Elections

The US Department of Homeland Security warns against phishing threat in 2020 elections. Phishing attacks are a significant threat to the 2020 electionsUS Department of Homeland Security is warning state election officials that phishing attacks are one of the most significant threats to watch for as the 2020 elections approach. Phishing has been used in US elections previously to successfully breach networks belonging to political parties and state governments.

Geoff Hale, director of the DHS’ Election Security Initiative, told a gathering of secretaries of state that “phishing is how a significant number of state and local government networks become exploited. Understanding your organization’s susceptibility to phishing is one of the biggest things you can do.”

California’s Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, said, “You can read the Mueller report on what the most effective strategies were that the Russians engaged in, and most cyber experts will tell you that it’s still phishing attempts that are rampant.”

Attackers of all skill levels use phishing because it works so well. There’s no limit to the number of attempts that can be launched against an organization. Security awareness training is one of the best defenses against phishing because it addresses the actual target of the attack, so be on the look out for phishing threats in 2020 elections.

It is critical to be realistic about your environment and acknowledge that risks exist. Security, while not perfect, can help you be prepared against the financial and reputational cost associated with a breach. With more than 90% of all breaches occurring with a phishing attack, put security on the agenda before it becomes the agenda.  85% of cyberattacks could have been prevented with the implementation of just a few critical controls. Our Security Awareness Training solutions includes phishing simulation to equip your organization with the skills to combat an attack. Contact us to get your FREE phishing test for your organization.