Get Your Head in the Cloud

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Get Your Head in the Cloud

What you and your company need to know about the cloud.

Almost 75% of business organizations are already in a public cloud in some way SaaS. This number will continue to grow as more companies are seeing the overall benefits of the cloud environment. It not only allows you to access information from any device but also helps reduce cost and is easy to manage.

With the little help from our friends at Green Cloud here is the comparison on-premise vs. cloud:


Abacus Technologies

Should you move to the cloud or keep your infrastructure on-premise? It’s an ongoing debate among

businesses, but the answer will most likely depend on the technical and financial resources available, as well as the regulatory requirements specific to each business. There are some profound differences, however, in the two options being considered.

                                                                                      GREEN CLOUD IAAS                                 ON-PREMISE SOLUTION


Low-cost frequent upgrades, which are performed seamlessly

Costly incremental upgrade cycles and capital expenditures
SOFTWARE Flexible monthly licensing Costly upfront expense for licensing; no flexibility when downsizing
ACCESS Significantly higher reliability across multiple paths; data is available and accessible in the event your facility is compromised Redundant paths are available only with additional costs
WARRANTY Covered by Green Cloud Extended vendor warranty and additional expense required
PERFORMANCE Easily adjusted to match changing requirements Must consider any future requirements ahead of time
SECURITY Higher levels of both physical and network security Higher levels of data control; greater risk of data breach or theft
SCALABILITY Cost efficient and expeditious Likely to require purchase of additional hardware and licenses
LIABILITY Insurance is included in monthly cost; policies cover data breach, extortion, business interruption, etc. Requires additional expense
COOLING Included in monthly cost Requires additional expense
POWER Included in monthly cost Requires additional expense
BACKUP Included in monthly cost; additional security because the data is housed offsite Requires additional hardware or service
REDUNDANCY High levels of redundancy included (power, network, data center, etc.) Significant capital expenditure requirements
DISASTER RECOVERY Included backup stored in a secure SOC 2 Type II data center Additional operational overhead and potential capital expense required

A few SaaS services Abacus Technologies offers

“Moving to the cloud was a game changer for us. We have multiple locations in different states and nine staff that work from home across the country. Relying on physical servers in our corporate office was not efficient or ideal. Moving to the cloud not only afforded more “up time” but it also made it much easier to make needed changes to the servers. We can add/change storage, etc. quickly and easily. Cloud-based systems have allowed us to grow our company by affording us the ability to tap into staff across the country and providing all staff, both office-based and remote, with quick and secure access to our servers” Jenni from Qualified Plans

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