From the Office of Brian Jackson, “Why You Should Consider a Hosted VoIP Phone System?”

From the Office of Brian Jackson, “Why You Should Consider a Hosted VoIP Phone System?”

Traditional phone systems sometimes referred to as PBX (Private Branch Exchanges), has come a long way. They have morphed into digital delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) networks. If you’re a business still using a VOIP PBX phone system, you’re far from alone.

However, industry experts say two growing trends with phones systems are the elimination of hardware and transformation of IP communications to be more application-oriented.

Enter the hosted VOIP phone system. A hosted VOIP system is a cloud-based, virtual PBX platform that delivers secure, reliable phone service for a business or organization through your Internet connection instead of a privately managed call controller or the server that you own and operate yourself.

With a hosted VOIP solution, you don’t need to physically store and maintain on-premise equipment—everything is in the cloud. Because it exists in the cloud, you can save valuable space and the hassle of managing hardware.

Another significant benefit of a hosted VOIP system is you can enjoy the newest features faster and stay up-to-date without ever overhauling infrastructure. With hosted VOIP system, you don’t have to worry about the ever-changing world of tech—your business will always be on top of the latest updates and release versions automatically.

A hosted VOIP solution can help your company go “beyond the dial tone” by integrating communication tools which help employees exchange ideas and do their jobs more effectively. Instant Messaging, Teleconferencing/Web conferencing tools, and email integration are just some of the more common tools available. But the real value is seen through the integration with CRM, Social Media, Mobile, and Cloud-based Apps.

Adopting any new technology can bring fear of the unknown and some degree of risk. However, VoIP is a well-established platform for business communications that are quickly becoming the norm. You can rest assured that Hosted VoIP means better cost savings, reliability, and productivity.

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