Data Risk Management (DRM)

Have you considered what information hackers might obtain if you were to face a ransomware attack?


Introducing Data Risk Management (DRM) by Abacus Technologies.


DRM solves the following three problems.


    1. What data is on your network, how long has it been there, and when was it last accessed? DRM scans and categorizes all data on your network, giving you a clear picture of your data landscape.
    2. What is the risk that data exposes you to? DRM does a risk analysis on your data, assigning a dollar value to all entities so that you can make factual and data-driven decisions about how to safely store and retain data.
    3. How do we solve your data problem? Using the results of these scans, we develop clear and actionable remediation steps to reduce your overall data risk now and over time.


Don’t forget: You are always creating data, and that data is always aging. Remember to take care of it.

Abacus Technologies presents video on Data Risk Management!