Cloud vs. On-Premise Solutions

cloud vs on premise

Cloud vs. On-Premise Solutions

In today’s IT world, there are many aspects that a company must consider to decide whether a cloud infrastructure is the right fit for them. However, many companies are unable to make the jump to the cloud instead of relying on their on-premise applications and software to do business.

How do the cloud vs. on-premise solutions stack up?

Data is your business’s most valuable asset and should be treated that way. With Green Cloud, your data is located in a secure, reliable environment and is accessible at all times. Green Cloud’s world-class data centers are fortified with robust, multi-layer security processes and procedures to ensure your data is never compromised. Also, certified engineers continuously monitor Green Cloud’s data centers to ensure that everything runs smoothly all day, every day.

Abacus Technologies has partnered with Green Cloud Technologies to provide custom cloud solutions for our clients. Our skilled technicans can help you decide whether cloud or on-premise solution is right for your business. To get your customized quote today, contact us.