Cloud-Based HIPPA Compliance Solutions

HIPPA Compliance

Cloud-Based HIPPA Compliance Solutions

HIPPA compliance regulations concerning the handling of a patient’s Electronic Protected Healthcare Information (ePHI) create record-keeping and storage challenges for any healthcare organization. While the data must be secured according to strict standards, it must also remain instantly accessible to authorized medical personnel in administered critical care.

With the launch of the cloud, data storage and backup providers now share the responsibility for the protection of sensitive patient data from the genuine threat of the mishandling and misuse. Because patient privacy is at stake, federal law requires data storage and backup providers to implement physical security and electronic security measures that specifically protect ePHI. Also, cloud solutions providers are responsible for immediately notifying patients if the ePHI storage is ever breached—a costly process.

Is Your Current Cloud Provider HIPPA Compliant?

Many data storage and backup providers do not comply with HIPAA’s physical and electronic standards in their data centers, nor do they have the financial means to perform the required notifications in the event of a data breach. This creates a massive problem for healthcare providers because they can be held liable for their data storage/backup service provider’s data breaches or security lapses that compromise patients’ ePHI. Compliance with HIPAA requires that cloud solutions be verified by third-party audits to ensure the necessary levels of data protection and secure access are met. If your provider’s data center and solutions have not been audited by a recognized third-party, then your provider is not in compliance.

Our cloud-based partners are experts with data storage and backup compliance. Their infrastructure resides in fully audited, HIPAA-compliant, Tier III data center environments, ensuring the deepest layers of fail-proof security and access available.

Abacus Technologies is proud to be partnered with these companies to bring you the most secure and updated cloud security services on the market. Our technicians can help you navigate the rigorous HIPPA compliance standards and guidelines to make sure your business stays compliant.