Choosing Cloud Vs. On-Premise Call Center Solutions

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Choosing Cloud Vs. On-Premise Call Center Solutions

The worldwide public cloud services market will grow to $131 billion, representing 18.5% from the $111 billion in 2012. The benefits offered by a hosted cloud solution are varied, from substantial cost savings to augmented business productivity to more seamless business development.

Cloud is enjoying widespread adoption across the industries. One area that is quickly casting an eye toward cloud deployment is the business communications service space, as companies increasingly consider the benefits of migrating voice services to the cloud and replacing legacy technologies.

To Migrate to the Cloud or Not?

The differences between on-premise and cloud is that on-premise is the traditional solution of technology that reside inside a company’s own data center, and cloud is to run a client’s technology to a remote location.


There is a multitude of benefits afforded by an on-premise solution—namely, control. Companies that deploy this model enjoy control over all of their systems and data. By providing them with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that critical business infrastructure resides in-house.

Also, on-premise models allow companies to have dedicated IT staffers for maintenance, support, and customer disaster recovery plans. But on-premise is not without its drawbacks, including cost-prohibitive hardware and software,  limited storage capacity, to having to keep up with new features and functionality.

On-premise clouds give you more leverage and control on your server. However, with deploying an on-premise cloud, you need to take full responsibility for costs and maintenance. You should be ready to incur hardware resource costs and software licensing costs and be prepared for hardware failures. Also, you should be prepared to bear expenses for any additional resources required to keep your cloud up to date and compatible with modern applications.


A hosted model offers countless benefits, some of which we break down below:

  • CAPEX Savings: By enlisting the services of a hosted provider, the burden of purchasing and maintaining hardware moves from your shoulders to those of your provider, thereby significantly slashing your CAPEX budget. And since hosted models offer pay-as-you-go pricing, you no longer have to waste resources on unused capacity.
  • Enhanced Business Productivity: From being able to streamline processes to improve accessibility to monitor projects more effectively, a hosted environment allows you to achieve unprecedented business performance across the board.
  • Increased Scalability and Speed: Since companies no longer have to invest time in buying and setting up hardware and software, they can seamlessly scale up or down depending on their usage of services on the cloud. This frees up companies’ internal teams so that they can focus more on innovation instead of managing resources.

You can access all server utilities without any hardware costs, software licensing costs, or additional maintenance charges. No more hardware failures or website downtime, the best part is the scalable capability.

With so much surrounding hosted vs. on-premise, many companies are left searching for a way to enjoy the benefits of both. Contact us today to find out which solution works best for your business.