USB Device Security

Employees Don’t Take USB Security Seriously

USB devices continue to be an entry point for cybercriminals that are looking for ways to access your data with lack of USB device security procedures. USB devices can be used to infect a machine with malware, trojans, or ransomware. According to secure-hardware vendor Apricorn’s The State of USB Data Protection 2019 report, USB devices… Read more »

calculating ROI on Security Awareness Training

Calculating the ROI on Security Awareness Training

ROI It’s no secret that investing in security awareness training for your employees can be costly. Even when the IT leaders in your organization understand the critical nature of such training, decision-makers in the C-Suite might not be so easily convinced. We are sharing how to calculating the ROI on security awareness training. The key… Read more »

financial firms cyberattacks

Financial Firms are 300X More Likely to Receive Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals tend to go where the money is, which means that financial, payroll, and accounting firms are huge targets. Unfortunately, most financial firms are ill-prepared for cyberattacks and suffer higher in costs when a cyberattack happens. Global wealth-management trends found some shocking data around how poorly prepared financial firms are. In a survey where firms… Read more »

social engineering tactics

Cyber Criminals Refining Social Engineering Tactics

Attackers are improving their social engineering strategies by accounting for new developments in technology. Researchers at FireEye analyzed 1.3 billion phishing emails and identified three major trends in Q1 2019. First social engineering tactic that cyber crimminals are increasingly using impersonation in their phishing attacks. Impersonation attacks in 2019 have increased 17% over Q4 2018, primarily… Read more »

Stock Market Data Breaches

Stock Market Suffers After Data Breaches

The latest data from research firm Comparitech shows that organizations who suffer data breaches continue to suffer in the stock market well after the breach. After a breach, there are many costs incurred by organizations attempting to clean up the mess. Cost of investigations, communications, public relations, legal fees, and customer notifications are just some… Read more »

red flags of social engineering

Red Flags Warn of Social Engineering

The easiest way to avoid falling for scams and other social engineering attacks is to understand the tactics employed by attackers. Here, we outline some of the most common scams and their warning signs. One of the most common signs of a scam is the use of “stressor events,” which play on the victims’ emotions… Read more »


Effects of Ransomware Don’t End with Ransom

A Florida city is still struggling to recover from a ransomware attack after the city paid the ransom, according to the New York Times. The attack began after a city employee downloaded a malicious document that arrived in an email. This document downloaded the Emotet Trojan, which in turn downloaded the Trickbot Trojan, a type… Read more »

security awareness culture

6 Signs of a Successfull Security Culture

Security culture is much more than just IT policies and procedures. It requires buy-in and participation from every user. So, how do you know if you’re on the right path to building a security awareness culture? Culture is defined by ISACA as “a pattern of behaviors, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and ways of doing things.” So,… Read more »

insurance data

From the Office of Brian: Alabama Passes New Insurance Data Security Law…is this the beginning?

This past May, Governor Ivey signed the Insurance Data Security Law (Act 2019-98) which requires heightened standards within the insurance industry for cybersecurity and data privacy. Under this new law, insurers must develop and implement an information security program, report certain cybersecurity events to the Commissioner of Insurance (Commissioner), and provides for civil penalties under… Read more »