Effects of Ransomware Don’t End with Ransom

A Florida city is still struggling to recover from a ransomware attack after the city paid the ransom, according to the New York Times. The attack began after a city employee downloaded a malicious document that arrived in an email. This document downloaded the Emotet Trojan, which in turn downloaded the Trickbot Trojan, a type… Read more »

security awareness culture

6 Signs of a Successfull Security Culture

Security culture is much more than just IT policies and procedures. It requires buy-in and participation from every user. So, how do you know if you’re on the right path to building a security awareness culture? Culture is defined by ISACA as “a pattern of behaviors, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and ways of doing things.” So,… Read more »

insurance data

From the Office of Brian: Alabama Passes New Insurance Data Security Law…is this the beginning?

This past May, Governor Ivey signed the Insurance Data Security Law (Act 2019-98) which requires heightened standards within the insurance industry for cybersecurity and data privacy. Under this new law, insurers must develop and implement an information security program, report certain cybersecurity events to the Commissioner of Insurance (Commissioner), and provides for civil penalties under… Read more »

HIPPA Compliance

Cloud-Based HIPPA Compliance Solutions

HIPPA compliance regulations concerning the handling of a patient’s Electronic Protected Healthcare Information (ePHI) create record-keeping and storage challenges for any healthcare organization. While the data must be secured according to strict standards, it must also remain instantly accessible to authorized medical personnel in administered critical care. With the launch of the cloud, data storage… Read more »

cloud security

Cloud Security

Designed from the ground up for security, our cloud solutions provider offers a high-performance, secure, and integrated set of cloud services. These services have been thoroughly audited and tested to meet the highest security and compliance levels available. As a partner with Green Cloud, we can provide your company with cloud security services. These security… Read more »