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Ransomware on the Rise

Ransomware has rapidly emerged as the most visible cybersecurity risk for our nation’s networks, locking up private sector organizations and government agencies alike. And that’s only what we’re seeing – many more infections are going unreported, ransoms are being paid, and the vicious ransomware cycle continues. CISA’s Role as the Nation’s Risk Advisor Helping organizations… Read more »


From the Office of Brian Jackson, “Why You Should Consider a Hosted VoIP Phone System?”

Traditional phone systems sometimes referred to as PBX (Private Branch Exchanges), has come a long way. They have morphed into digital delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) networks. If you’re a business still using a VOIP PBX phone system, you’re far from alone. However, industry experts say… Read more »

10 Common Misconceptions About Meetings

A new survey out from the software company, Clarizen, states that U.S. employees are spending more time than ever – almost nine hours of the work week — preparing for and attending meetings. What’s worse is that more than a third of those polled felt that these meetings were unnecessary and a waste of time. Knowing… Read more »


Poor Communication for Healthcare

Poor communication is the number three contributor to patient deaths for the healthcare industry.* Could your phone system be to blame? A recent study by the Joint Commission identified ineffective communication as the third-highest cause of patient injury and death. Prevent sentinel events with best-in-class technology. Below are some easy steps to improve your company’s… Read more »

SOC 2 and HIPAA Compliance Telecommunication

Telecommunication Certified for SOC 2 and HIPAA Compliance

Overall, the healthcare industry is becoming more digital, collaborative, and data-driven than ever before. Doctors are looking to improve patient connections to ensure they are providing personalized healthcare. This means they need to connect to their sensitive patient information from anywhere while ensuring patient privacy is met. Now that Mitel’s MiCloud Business and MiCloud Enterprise… Read more »

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Why It’s Essential to Partner with a Managed Service Provider

Some business relationships are relatively straightforward. Both parties agree to specific contract details, and there’s no need for an extended amount of trust between them. This isn’t the case when choosing a managed service provider. That relationship relies on a deep level of confidence and reliance, established through high levels of communication. Unfortunately, that isn’t… Read more »


Security Awareness Training Recap

6 Signs of a Successfull Security Culture Security culture is much more than just IT policies and procedures. It requires buy-in and participation from every user. So, how do you know if you’re on the right path to building a security awareness culture? Read More. Belief Attitude Assumption Behavior Pattern Action Effects of Ransomware Don’t… Read more »

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From the Office of Brian Jackson, “The Importance of Security Awareness Training”

Your employees are not the weakest link. They are the primary attack vector.  Most organizations continue to place more trust in technology-based solutions than on training their employees to be more aware of the threat landscape and able to recognize the red flags associated with a cyber-attack. Organizations tend to see their employees as liabilities… Read more »