5 Reasons to Protect Your VPN With MFA

5 Reasons to Protect Your VPN With MFA

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a popular method for providing remote access to internal applications. A VPN connection creates a private, encrypted tunnel for an off-site user to connect to applications in a corporate data center. However, there is still a security risk for unprotected VPN connections that could leave users exposed to data breaches… Read more »

Zoom Partnership

Abacus Technologies and Zoom

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Zoom Communications! Abacus Technologies will now be able to provide our clients with virtual meetings, phone systems, and webinars through Zoom. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions possible for your business. We feel like partnering with Zoom to offer their solutions is just… Read more »

12 Lifestyle Tips for Working Remote During COVID-19

12 Lifestyle Tips for Working Remotely During COVID-19

Working remotely is becoming the new norm these days. It can be a hard transition for workers who are not used to it. Finding a routine that works for you will help you stay productive and healthy. We are sharing a few lifestyle tips to help you while working remotely during COVID-19. Keep Regular Hours… Read more »

Signs that You have been Hacked

13 Signs that You have been Hacked

In today’s threat landscape, hackers are continually changing their tactics. While some hackers will let you know with alerts and messages, others can be harder to detect. We are breaking down a few signs that you have been hacked that you might want to get your device assessed for a breach. Ransomware message. One of… Read more »

Coronavirus Impact on Cybersecurity

Coronavirus Impact on Cybersecurity

Coronavirus is going to have a significant impact on the economy, global trade, and business operations. With so many businesses transitioning to a remote workforce, there will be a major impact on IT decisions and cybersecurity challenges that companies will face due to the sudden shift of a remote workforce. We are breaking down the… Read more »

How to Protect Your Data While Working Remotely

How to Protect Your Data While Working Remotely

The most substantial challenge for a business with a remote workforce is the increased risk of a security breach when the technology is not implemented correctly, or security protocols are not followed. This can leave a company vulnerable to viruses and ransomware, data breaches, or reputational loss? However, these threats can easily be avoided with… Read more »

Cybersecurity Myths

Dubunking 10 Cybersecurity Myths

Cybersecurity is now one of the most essential parts of doing business. Companies are investing in cyber defense and training, but there are a few misconceptions and myths about cybersecurity that should be avoided. We are breaking down the top 10 cybersecurity myths: Business is too small for a cyber-attack. Most small and mid-sized businesses… Read more »