Businesses Lack of Training for Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Attacks

Businesses Lack of Training for Ransomware Attacks

Businesses are very aware of the consequences of ransomware attacks, but few have taken the necessary steps to prevent them from happening. According to a new survey of government employees by IBM, 73% of businesses are concerned about impending ransomware threats. However, they lack the training required for their employees to prevent ransomware attacks. From that same IBM report, only 38% of employees are receiving ransomware prevention training.

This could be due to several reasons such as procrastination, indecisiveness, poor execution, or perceived cost. No matter the reason, businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable and unable to prevent ransomware attacks. To make matters worse, the IBM report also points out that 52% of state and local government budgets for managing cyber-attacks have remained stagnant.

Some businesses feel they can’t afford to train their employees, in reality, they can. The use of Security Awareness Training reduces the likelihood of a successful ransomware attack, saving organizations tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in remediation costs.

This is where our team can step in and help. Our security awareness training program will provide comprehensive training for your employees for all types of attacks. Your employees will be educated on what to look for and the proper ways to handle any suspicious behaviors. Training can be customized to fit your business and industry requirements. Security Awareness Training is available for an extremely low monthly cost compared to the cost of an attack.

Don’t let the lack of training be the reason why your business was hit with ransomware attack. Remember, it’s not if, but when an attack will happen. Let your employees be the first line of defense for your network. Contact our team for your free security awareness assessment and phishing test.