Brian Jackson Weighs in on Cyber Security for ABC 33/40

Brian Jackson on ABC 33/40

Brian Jackson Weighs in on Cyber Security for ABC 33/40

Abacus Technologies’ Brian Jackson was interviewed for an ABC 33/40 news story on Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity experts are warning of a new type of text message phishing scam.

ABC 33/40 has brought you the latest information on email phishing scams, but now security experts say crooks are targeting your sensitive information on your phone, using text messaging.

“SMS messaging is a new avenue for these malicious individuals to solicit you through scamming,” cybersecurity expert Brian Jackson said.

He says they come in three forms:

“You may get a link sent to you by SMS asking you to download an app. That app may be malicious, may allow that person to steal data directly from your phone,” Jackson said.

He says another one comes in the form of a message, using threats such as, “call this number, your credit card has been disabled, asking you to make a payment over the phone.”

“And finally there is, of course, a link that can take you to a malicious web page that would then ask for credentials. It can be a banking page, it could be a shopping website and while it may look very official, they are part of the scam,” Jackson said.

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