Benefits of Telecommunications in Business

Benefits of Telecommunications in Business

Telecommunications has been a staple in our organizations since the late 1800s. Company leaders in almost every industry instantly saw the need for the telephone and begin installing them to communicate with customers, suppliers, colleagues, and stakeholders. Just three years after Bell invented the telephone in 1870, almost 49,000 had been installed across the United States. Fast forward to the present day, where current technologies allow collaboration, flexibility, and increase productivity through integrations. Therefore, there are several benefits to utlizating telecommunications for your business.


Collaboration features bring your meetings to life with rich, collaboration capabilities to meetings, whether planned or impromptu, with video, desktop sharing, and document collaboration. Plus, you can make it possible for workgroups and others outside the business to share ideas and work together toward common project goals.

Employees remain fluid and connected, so they can share information with those who matter via voice, video, and instant messaging


If your employees in sales, technical, and service teams spend a large portion of their working days with colleagues, visiting customers, working at home or traveling, mobile telecommunication can help them maintain essential contact and work productively on the move.

Imagine being able to take a call on a desk phone, then transfer that call to your cell phone. This is a type of flexibility you can get through a current Cloud or Hosted system.


Put more power behind every customer touchpoint with phone services that integrate with popular productivity apps like Salesforce®, ACT! ® and Microsoft Dynamics®. Embedded calling features, integrated call, and customer histories help provide a more holistic picture of business performance while making interactions easier for employees and customers alike.

As you can there are several benefits of telecommunications for business. If you’re looking for all three any of these features in a phone system, please contact us. Abacus Technologies has the resources to solve your business communications problems.