Beating the HEAT and Malicious Attacks 

Beating the HEAT and Malicious Attacks 

With so many things in the cloud, do you even need a firewall to prevent attacks?
Here are a few reasons why a firewall will always be necessary:

  • Protects your internal network from inbound attacks (malware, port scans, brute force attacks)
  • Controls what traffic can get out prevents sensitive data loss (when configured appropriately)
  • Provides a detailed log of what happened and when critical for troubleshooting and forensic analysis

Even though many applications and services are moving to the cloud, it is still important to manage and maintain a properly configured firewall at the gateway from your private network to the public Internet. Access control, content filtering, and threat mitigation will always be relevant to keeping your business running at its most efficient.

It’s Getting HOT in Here

When thinking of your server room, tight temperature control is equivalent to topping efficiency and performance. With such a direct relationship, we have some significant points to consider:

  • Hot and cold aisle
  • Manage your humidity
  • Efficient cooling

The concept of a hot and cold aisle is a data center practice that can still come in handy in just about every scenario. The premise is that you separate the cold air coming from the cooling solution and the hot air coming from the exhaust of the machine so that the cold air from the vent stays cold when traveling through the room to the server.
Managing your humidity is essential and can save you from catastrophic failure. If a server room experiences too much condensation, it can start causing some damage to the electronic equipment.
Having an efficient cooling method is vital to keep down the cost of your power bill. This will generally need to be assessed in a case-by-case approach as each room is different and not all buildings will provide central air conditioning to the server room.
These hot months we’re in now are the best time to get your hot server room fixed as they will pay for themselves!

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