5 Ways Zoom Phones Enables Mobility and Business Continuity

5 Ways Zoom Phones Enables Mobility and Business Continuity

5 Ways Zoom Phones Enables Mobility and Business Continuity

Businesses that rely on a legacy on-premise PBX for their phone system face unique challenges, especially for a work remote situation. Most of the time, these systems do not offer employees the mobility that is desired or business continuity that most companies require to keep business operations running consistently. On-premise phone systems by nature make supporting remote users difficult. Often there are limited options available for remote administration, and feature availability for desktop and mobile apps is incredibly lacking. This type of phone system limits the flexibility and mobility that most users crave to have in their work environment.

Keeping business operations running requires consistent and reliable business communications. They are a lifeline for employees who must depend on their teams, customers, and partners. For a lot of businesses, their phone system is the most vital component of their daily business operations. Could your business be missing out by not taking advantage of a hosted phone solution, like Zoom Phones?

Here are five ways Zoom Phones ensures mobility, flexibility, and business continuity when your teams need it most.

  1. Single Unified App for Phone, Chat & Meetings

Zoom’s only unified mobile app is an essential component of the Zoom Phone mobile experience. Users can make and receive calls using their business number and manage their Zoom account preferences on the go. VoIP calling over WiFi and 4G/LTE data connections, as well as support for cellular voice calls, means you’re always connected. Besides, users don’t have to worry about making their personal numbers visible to customers or vendors.

  1. Access to Full Feature Functionality

The majority of available mobile apps for on-premise phone systems, usually are missing key features. Zoom’s mobile app not only provides all of the expected traditional call control capabilities, such as call forwarding, transfer, conference, and hold, but has features like mobile line/call park, presence, and call recording. Users also have the option to change a Zoom Phone call to a Zoom Meeting, if needed.

  1. Voicemail Transcription

Visual voicemail lets you view and control voice messages through the Zoom mobile app. This makes it easy to read a transcribed voicemail, play it back, and respond to or delete the messages you receive.

  1. Secure High-Definition Audio

The globally distributed Zoom cloud platform delivers secure HD voice and enterprise-class reliability, ensuring every call is crystal clear.

  1. Reporting and Compliance

Out-of-the-box reporting and dashboards provide meaningful insights into your business communications regardless of endpoint or location. Use this data to learn how your employees use a phone, video, and chat to interact and communicate, and gain essential quality monitoring capabilities to predict, recognize, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues before they happen.

The most streamlined and cost-effective way to connect your entire organization is to deploy a single communications system across all offices and teams, but in a way that feels like everyone is in the same office. Reliable communications mobilize your employees and allow business operations to remain the same, regardless of any business situation, such as the COVID-19 pandemic that we all experienced this year.  There is no reason to hold your business back because your existing PBX system can’t support business needs anymore. With Zoom Phone, you get the flexibility your business desired, no matter how people are communicating by voice, chat, or video.

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